Cameron van der Burgh

Cameron van der Burgh, born May 25, 1988 in Pretoria, South Africa, is a South African swimmer.

van der Burgh is Africa’s first home-trained world record holder and the youngest at the age of 20. He has represented South Africa at the “2008 Summer Olympics” and has won numerous World Championship medals since his debut in 2007 when he took a bronze medal.

van der Burgh obtained his first world long-course record (27.06) in the 50 m breaststroke, in the semifinals at South African nationals in April 2009. He won the world title in the same year at the Rome championship, also in the 50 m breaststroke.

In 2010, van der Burgh achieved another feat, winning the 50m breaststroke at the Commonwealth Games in a time of 27.18 seconds — a new record.

Aside from swimming, van der Burgh is a graduate of Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Pretoria.

Back To Back Pinoy- JC Ong and Chris M.

Back To Back Pinoy- JC Ong and Chris M.

JC Ong is a Pinoy model and a student of San Beda. He is a campus heartthrob having once entered in Mr. San Beda himself and landing himself in top spot. Girls start giggling as he stride himself in the university corridor. His eyes can be piercing and his set of pearly white teeth sparkle like one of those models in the Close Up commercials. Photographer Ardin Tuga captured 100 percent of his boyish charm and their collaboration will be remembered for a long time as a breakthough … it is refreshing to see the finished images.

You open your gates in the morning to get a sniff of fresh air … and what do you see? The boy next door flashing his elfin smile. You smiled back … and you waved your hand … and before you knew it … you’re hooked!

Man Central will start a series of features of the boy-next-door types of the male specie and as you take a sip of your freshly brewed coffee … your down in lala-land, just a world of your own.
And to start this series we give you Chris M. and JC Ong. They are the same breed of guys who can make your heart skip a beat … or turn your knees as soft as marshmallows. They are one of those guys who have that kind of effect in you. And adding salt to the wound … photographer Dan Santos and Aldin Tuga has successfully transformed this young studs into stud muffin like no other. Browse down their photos … and if you feel like daydreaming … this is a good morning to start it with.
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American Actor – Brandon Ruckdashel

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American Actor – Brandon Ruckdashel

Brandon Ruckdashel, born on March 13, 1983 in Minnesota, is an American actor best known for his role as Riley in the horror TV series, “The Lair.”


Ruckdashel grew up in the middle of Minnesota. He bounced around a few schools and after middle school his family moved to Utah. In his freshman year, he discovered drama class and for the first time he felt liked he really fit in with a group of people. In his sophomore year, he changed schools again. He had a number of friends there and really had the most amazing year of his life. At the end of that year he and his family moved to Virginia.

In Virginia, Ruckdashel continued acting and playing sports. His acting teacher suggested he spend the summer at the North Carolina School of the Arts. He was accepted and had an great summer there. He went onto East Carolina University. After many productions working behind the scenes and on the main stage Brandon left for New York.


Ruckdashel did a feature film called “Boy In a Bathtub” and while that was in post production he accepted the role of Lorenzo in the off Broadway production of Ascension where he received his first review from the New York Times. The show was a hit and the critics loved him.

After two years in New York, Ruckdashel left for LA and he had his first screen test with Oliver Stone. He recently starred in a new diverse musical adaptation of Oliver Twist called TWIST. He opened with rave reviews.

Since being in LA, Ruckdashel has been non-stop with auditions and job offerings and continued to have positive feedback. During TWIST, he also filmed MISSING. Shortly after the close of TWIST, Bandon filmed 1505 .Ruckdashel is currently working on the second season of the series “The Lair”. He is quickly making his mark in Hollywood.


Besides his amazing acting talent, Ruckdashel is also an upcoming photographer.

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