Canadian Best Actor – David Paetkau

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Canadian Best Actor – David Paetkau

David Paetkau, born November 10, 1978, in Vancouver, Canada, is a Canadian actor who is perhaps best known for his role of Sam Braddock in the CBS’ crime drama “Flashpoint”.


Paetkau’s big break came when he landed a co-starring role as Chuck Wheeler, the most popular guy in school in the feature film comedy “Snow Day.”

Other feature film credits include “Final Destination 2,” the teen thrillers “Disturbing Behavior” and “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer,” and the sci-fi action movie “Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.”


Paetkau has also appeared on the small screen, starring in “LAX” and most recently The N Network’s “Whistler.” He was also in the Emmy Award-winning series “Taken” and “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead.” He guest-starred in “CSI: Miami,” “Smallville,” “First Wave,” “Stargate SG-1,” “Eureka” and “Justice.”

Evan Bourne


 165 lbs.
 St. Louis, Mo.
 WWE Tag Team Champion

Don’t let all his boyish smiles and peace signs cloud your judgment. Next thing you know, Evan Bourne will be executing a Shooting Star Press off a ladder – from just above those clouds – right onto your face.

“Air Bourne,” as he calls the move, is perhaps the most breathtaking aerial assault in WWE, but it’s far from the only trick in the high-flyer’s arsenal. Bourne has proven time and time again that he’s willing to throw caution to the wind, especially when opponents least expect it. When you look like a happy-go-lucky sprout in a land of snarling giants, extreme measures need to be taken.

Leave it to the hardcore faithful, then, to be the first to embrace Bourne in his WWE debut. The electric youngster dazzled ECW crowds in 2008 and 2009 and proved he wasn’t afraid of taking on much bigger combatants like Mike Knox. It didn’t take him long to win over the WWE Universe, either, as he took home a Slammy Award for “Best Finishing Maneuver” in his rookie year.

Raw viewers who watched Bourne team up with Rey Mysterio in 2008 were no doubt drawing some comparisons. That’s because Mysterio, another acrobat who’s more dangerous than his size indicates, has long been one of the blossoming Superstar’s idols.

Over the years, Bourne has continued to play the role of David in bouts against Goliaths with matches against Sheamus and Jack Swagger, whom he defeated at WWE Capitol Punishment in 2011. But the contests that have truly showcased Bourne’s action-packed style have been Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, one of which took place on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Bourne has made it clear he’s not done climbing to new heights and, in his ascent, the ranks of WWE. Teaming up with fellow high-adrenaline Superstar, Kofi Kingston, wound up being his most spectacular move yet. The dynamic duo known as Air Boom won the WWE Tag Team Championships on the Aug. 22, 2011 edition of Raw, launching Bourne to new heights.

Best Actor – Dave Annable

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Best Actor – Dave Annable

Dave Annable, born September 15, 1979, in Suffern, New York, is an American actor, best known for playing the character of Justin Walker on the television series “Brothers & Sisters”.


Annable attended college at SUNY Plattsburgh. There, he was an actor on Plattsburgh State Television, which was run by students, and also worked behind the camera. He hosted the show Late Night with Dave Annable, Cardinal Sports, Stay Tuned, Cardinal Hockey, On Campus Live and the Roommate Game. He also studied acting at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse in New York with Richard Pinter.

Annable first gained attention for his role on the short-lived television series “Reunion” that aired on FOX in 2005. Prior to his work on “Reunion”, he had guest starring roles on NBC’s “Third Watch” and The WB’s “Other People’s Money”. He was also featured in many television commercials, for products such as “Mountain Dew” and “Starburst”.


Annable received his breakout role in 2006, when he was offered a regular starring role on the ABC family dramedy “Brothers & Sisters”.

On the big screen, Annable is best known for his role as Bean in Nick Hurran’s film, “Little Black Book”.

During his spare time, Annable enjoys playing baseball, rugby, hockey and is an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils.