Israeli Actor and Male Model – Yehuda Levi

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Israeli Actor and Male Model – Yehuda Levi

Yehuda Levi, born June 29, 1979, in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli actor and male model.


Levi spent much of his childhood in South Africa. He attended the “Thelma Yellin” High school, and graduated with excellence.

Levi’s an established actor, but most of his work is done in Israeli soap operas. His noticeable breakthrough was in the TV series “Lechayey Ha’ahava” (Here’s To Love) (2001). The following year, he made his international debut in the acclaimed romantic drama “Yossi & Jagger” about soldiers at the Israel-Lebanon border who try to find some peace and solace from the daily routine of war.


His other acting credits include “The Schwartz Dynasty (2006),” “Munich (2005),” and “Medurat Hashevet (2004).”