Netherlands name Van Gaal as manager

Netherlands name Van Gaal as manager

ROTTERDAM (Reuters) – Netherlands have appointed Louis Van Gaal as manager to replace Bert van Marwijk who stepped down after the Dutch lost all their group games at Euro 2012, the FA said in a statement on Friday.

The 60-year-old Van Gaal, who was sacked as Bayern Munich manager in 2011, will take charge of the Netherlands for the second time having been manager from 2000 to 2002.

Soccer coach Louis van Gaal of the Netherlands (L) proposes a toast after being appointed as the new coach of the Netherlands with chairman of the KNVB, Bert van Oostveen (R) in Zeist July 6, 2012. REUTERS/Handout/KNVB

American Actor – Wes Ramsey

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American Actor – Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey’s love for acting began at age 12, from that time on he knew acting would be his profession. After spending 7 years on stage at Louisville’s Walden Theatre, he enrolled and was accepted in New York’s prestigious Juilliard School in 1996. While in New York, he continued his training until he graduated in 2000 as a member of the “29th” group to have completed the program.


With a combined 10 years experience on stage, Ramsey turned his focus toward learningabout the camera in the world of daytime television as Sam Spencer on CBS’s Emmy Award winning series, Guiding Light. After two successful years, Wes headed West with hopes of capturing his childhood dreams in Hollywood.

In Los Angeles, Wes quickly began making a name for himself when he was cast to star in his first feature film as Christian, a WEHO party boy in Latter Days, an independent film about love, faith and redemption. Latter Days was released in January 2004 to well respected reviews relevant to the movies theme and cast alike. After Wes completed filming he secured guest starring roles on one of CBS’s highest rated dramas, CSI Miami, and soon after, the WB’s Charmed. By the time Latter Days hit theaters, Wes starred alongside Luis Guzman on a new Fox series, LUIS, as the artist/boyfriend Greg. In the midst of the momentum of the show, Wes took the lead by promoting Latter Days across the country as it won audience awards at numerous film festivals, including, Outfest Critics Choice Award; Outfest and HBO OUT-standing first narrative feature.



I didn’t realize that the rains has caused flash floods in many areas in QC, so much so that when we entered Quezon Avenue, nothing was moving.  It was like one huge parking lot.  I initially wanted to go to FF SM The Block so I can see JM but it was impossible.  It was impossible too to go to ABS!  So I decided to go to FF Greenhills instead.  The traffic was still as bad, but at least it was moving, and I finally got to the gym one and a half hours since I left the house!  Talk about motivation!

FF Greenhills is usually quiet, same today.  I did not join any GX exercise since Pump na lang ang natira so I did weights today.  There were some cute guys in the weights area and I did see Charry too, who is now sporting hair extensions!  So haba her hair!  The sauna action though was very active!  Surprisingly!  Pati si Woody andun, umiikot and that guy who joined the Mr. Gay Philippines!  Woody has a nice body especially his back.  We just don’t say hi to each other, sadly. Interestingly, one of the guys I met in PR was there and texted me. I only saw his text when I went home na and I initially forgot who he was!  His pics are nice but personally, he looks a bit older.  Oh well, welcome to the world of Internet dating!


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The Gorgeous Actor – Won Bin

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The Gorgeous Actor – Won Bin

Won Bin was born in Korea on September 29, 1977, with two elderly brothers and 3 sisters. The gorgeous actor is not only a talented performer but he’s athletic, as well. He excelled in taekwondo, and snow skiing.


Like most actors, Won Bin loved movies while growing up. His favorite films are Braveheart and Eternal Love.

He has made many TV guest appearances, and TV commercials. Won Bin is featured in dozens of editorial venues in Korea and is practically famous throughout Asia.

He starred in Love Story (aka: Endless Love), the most popular Korean TV series of 2000, where he played a rich player who suddenly changes because he falls in love. Won Bin delivered a high caliber performance. This moving series describes love in its various manifestations– family love, romantic love, and platonic love– and is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes.

Won Bin currently starred in a movie, ‘Guns and Talks’ and a drama series: ‘Friends’. His other credits include ‘Propose’ 1997; ‘Our Story’ 1997; ‘Love me, please’ 1999; ‘Ready go’ 1999; ‘Kkogi’ 2000; ‘Endless Love’ 2000.

Won Bin received the most votes for MostBeautifulMan of April 2002 garnering a whopping 29,856 votes (the highest votes ever received by a MBM finalist), proving that he is indeed one face to watch out for.



Young, talented and incredibly handsome. Won Bin had won millions of hearts young and old particularly in Asia and some other parts of the world, especially for his character as Han Tae Shuk in Autumn Story. As an asian and a great fan of him. I truly feel that Won Bin should be the Most Beautifulman of April.

Won Bin acted in a show called Autumn Story where he played a rich player who suddenly changes because he falls in love. He does everything not to lose the girl but he ends up losing her. When I saw that movie I fell in love with him. In real life he’s total opposite of the part he played. He’s shy but very kind. He also acted in a movie called Talk of Killers where he played as one of 4 killers where he came out with a totally different tough look than from Autumn Story. I am amazed of his changes in each movie and he seems to come out good in every part.


It is time that media cultures like Hollywood give Asian men attention in this respect. Individual perceptions change when the media portrayal differs from what it once offered the viewer/reader. Won Bin is only the start, but please START helping the positive portrayals to be reinforced into the mainstream, especially in the United States.
~ Mary- Southeastern U.S.

His eyes are clear, pure and honest and his heart is hot with love toward others. He treats people in a pure respectful way. He is a beautiful man like warm sunshine and pleasant breeze in April.
~Lauren Eunsook Kim

Won bin should be the man of April. First off, he has a warm image. His smile makes women feel very comfortable . ALSO Won Bon is very talented guy as well as handsome appearance. Plus as far as his personality concerned, he is very humble and thoughtful. he is the most hit guy in asia.
~ lee so young from south korea

He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen in this world. He is handsome and innocent. He has been in the show business for several years and yet he still maintains the oriental shy boy characteristics. He is very professional but very shy, which make him a cute and lovely handsome boy that attracted all ladies at different ages.
~ Yee

Won Bin is one of the nicest looking guy among Asian. Furthermore, he is such a humble, shy guy … Just like a boy-next-door ….that’s what make him so special! A serious and talented actor with his charming smile and soulful eyes , he has captured many gals’ hearts with his wonderful performance!

In Asia, people who love Won Bin are of any ages and walks of life. And the reasons for loving Won Bin are as varied as the environment in which we live. His appearance is very exotic, handsome and charming. And his acting touches our feelings. Moreover,he is a good man who has the healthy way of thinking.
~fan of WonBin


Won Bin… he is the most beautiful man in Asia and in the world. He is not just beautiful on his appearances but he’s modest and has determined mind as a professional actor… He is absolutely beautiful… He is the rising sun from Asia!
~Eleyn.K from Australia

Most of all, He is very cute as well as breath-takingly sexy. His exotic but naive look will definitely appeal to not only Asia but also to the rest of the world! He also has a great potential as an actor. You will meet him in the blockbuster movie soon!
~ Kelly Ju

Football – Paraguay coach aims to surprise Argentina

Football – Paraguay coach aims to surprise Argentina

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentina have been warned to expect a surprise when they face Paraguay under new coach Gerardo Pelusso in a World Cup qualifier in Cordoba on Friday (2310 GMT).

Bolivia, away against Ecuador at the Atahualpa in Quito (2100), have also changed coach, bringing back Spaniard Xabier Askargorta who steered them to their last finals appearance in the United States in 1994.

Colombia will be buoyed by the brilliant scoring form of striker Radamel Falcao Garcia at home in the tropical heat of Barranquilla (2030) against Uruguay, whose forward Diego Forlan has rediscovered his goal touch in the nick of time.

Peru, lowest ranked of the South American teams taking part in the qualifiers at 51, host Venezuela in Lima (0115 Saturday), while group leaders Chile have a bye.

Uruguayan Pelusso, with wide experience coaching club sides in South America, replaced Francisco Arce who was sacked with Paraguay on four points from five matches, level with Bolivia and one point above Peru.

Pelusso said trying to counter the threat of Lionel Messi was almost impossible but that surprise was on his side as Paraguay, quarter-finalists in South Africa in 2010, look to win a qualifier on Argentine soil for the first time.

“None (of our opponents) know who’s going to play (in my team), how we’re going to play or what formation Paraguay will have on the pitch,” Pelusso said in a recent interview on the South American Football Confederation website (

“That will be the surprise factor, (whereas) everyone knows the other teams. Those who know me, have an idea of my style, those who don’t will be in for a surprise,” he said.

Argentina will be without holding midfielder Javier Mascherano and striker Sergio Aguero while playmaker Fernando Gago is doubtful through injury.

Mascherano and Aguero are suspended although the latter is nursing a knee injury and may also miss Tuesday’s match in Peru.


Bolivia won only one match in 17 under former coach Gustavo Quinteros, a member of their 1994 World Cup midfield.

Ironically, he quit in July after their only victory, 3-1 at home to Paraguay in their last qualifier in June, when Bolivia’s clubs decided to reduce the time their players spent practicing with the national team.

Askargorta agreed to take charge provided he was allowed to mastermind an overhaul of Bolivian football and the national team which has struggled since he left the post 18 years ago.

Uruguay, one point behind Chile, can go top of the standings with a win over Colombia.

They will be without the suspended Luis Suarez and will hope Forlan can retain the form that helped him score two goals for new club Internacional of Brazil last weekend.

Colombia, with seven points and five goals in five matches, have yet to get the best out of Falcao but the striker’s hat-trick in Atletico Madrid’s European Super Cup win over Chelsea is a boost for player and country.

Fellow striker Darwin Quintero has also joined up with Colombia in good form after a two-goal performance for Mexican champions Santos Laguna at the weekend.

Peru striker Paolo Guerrero is nursing an injury to his right ankle and could miss the match with Venezuela, who were their opponents when they won the third-place playoff in last year’s Copa America in Argentina with a Guerrero hat-trick.

Hollywood Actor – Will Estes

Hollywood Actor – Will Estes,Will Estes Male Model,Will Estes Male Model hunk,Will Estes Male Model handsome,Will Estes Male Model hunk man,Will Estes Male Model fitness,Will Estes Male Model gym,Will Estes Male Model photo,Will Estes Male Model gallery,Will Estes Male Model handsome man,Will Estes hunk,Will Estes handsome,Will Estes man,Will Estes fitness,Will Estes gym,Will Estes photo,Will Estes gallery,Will Estes model

Hollywood Actor – Will Estes

Will Estes began his professional acting career in 1988. During 1988 and 1989 Will did many commercials and guest appearances on Network Television shows, including such popular shows as “Highway To Heaven,” “General Hospital,” and “Santa Barbara.”


Then, in the summer of 1989, the surprising news out of Hollywood was that a new Lassie show would be made for TV. This show would not be just any old Lassie re-tread, it would have the famous and incredibly talented Dee Wallace Stone playing the mother. And, even more surprising, her husband would be played by real-life husband Christopher Stone. Furthermore, Jon Provost, the original “Timmy,” would make guest appearances on the show. With such an incredibly talented cast, the pressure was on to find a boy to play the pivotal role of Lassie’s master.

The producers of the show set out on an extensive nationwide talent search in which more than 700 children were interviewed. One of those kids was a 10-year-old named Will Estes. Out of this huge pool of children, Executive Producer Al Burton and his staff chose Will to play Lassie’s new master. And, a star was born….


The New Lassie show began airing in syndication in the Fall of 1989 and lasted for two seasons before being cancelled. It was a wonderful family show with an incredible cast. Will Estes played the role as if it was tailor-made for him.

After New Lassie, Will did some made for TV movies and continued doing guest roles and commercials. Then, in the Fall of 1993, Will joined the cast of a new show called It Had To Be You. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after only four episodes were aired. So it was back to the commercials and guest appearances. In addition, in 1995 Will filmed a movie called The Road Home. This reunited him with Dee Wallace Stone and enabled him to work with the legendary Mickey Rooney.

The Fall of 1995 brought us the brand new WB NETWORK with a new show called Kirk. The show was named for its star, Kirk Cameron. However, the producers soon learned that castmember Will Estes was a big hit with the audiences’ teens. This show catapulted Will into “teen idol” status and he began appearing regularly in the teen magazines. Alas, though, the show was suddenly cancelled by the WB in the middle of its 2nd Season in Dec. 1996.

In the Fall of 1997, Will was a castmember on the new CBS show, Meego. This sitcom about an alien crash-landing on Earth began airing in Sept. 1997, but was cancelled in late October after six episodes aired. However, before Meego, Will had filmed six episodes of the popular Nickelodeon Network show The Secret World Of Alex Mack. This was the final season of this long-running show, and Will began appearing in the show in November as a featured regular. Will did a fantastic job in this show and was even featured in the final episode of the series.


In February of 1998, Will joined the cast of a new TV Sitcom called Kelly Kelly. The show, starring Shelley Long and Robert Hays, began airing on The WB Network in April 1998 as a mid-season replacement. At only 19-years-old, Will Estes became a regular castmember in his fifth television series.

So far Will Estes has beat all the odds. He has been able to make the transformation from child actor to teen actor. Now, at the age of 25, he continues to work as an adult actor and has started an impressive entry into feature films, including the big-budget Universal Picture’s hit WWII submarine film, U-571. In addition, Will became a castmember in his sixth television series, “American Dreams”, which debuted on NBC in the Fall of 2002.

Kish Mcbride-Moreno Is Beautiful!

Kish Mcbride-Moreno Is Beautiful!

Name: Kish McBride
Also known as: Julian Kish
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5 ft and 11 inches
Weight: 150 lbs.
Work: Modeland Student
Place of Residence: Marikina
Fashion Shows Joined:
-Private Parts Wearables
Male Group Joined: Cappuccino
Male Pageants Joined:
-Macho Guapito Body Beatiful 2006-Winner
-Tropical Hunks Bikini Open 2007- First Runner Up
-Hataw Superbodies 2007- Winner
-Ginoong Filipinas 2007- Ginoong Mindanao 2007
-Heatwave Bikini Open 2008- Winner
-Cinco de mayo Bikini Open 2008- Winner

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Gym Eye Candy

Gym Eye Candy

This guy is really a hunk in person and his body skin is flawless and he has those pinkish nipples you’d love to nibble on!  He was in the gym today and I was able to see him change his shirt. I’d love to see his armpit hair though, but never got the chance.  But I came to see his body real close as I was in behind him when he was getting some water.  Would love to lick his flawless chest!  He doesn’t talk much though so I don’t know if he has many friends in the gym.  I also don’t see him around the sauna or steam area.  He’s too sexy to be going there anyway.  Hope I get the courage to say hi to him next time.  He’s really hot!
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Biracial Actor – Wentworth Miller

Biracial Actor – Wentworth Miller ,Wentworth Miller Male Model,Wentworth Miller Male Model hunk,Wentworth Miller Male Model handsome,Wentworth Miller Male Model hunk man,Wentworth Miller Male Model fitness,Wentworth Miller Male Model gym,Wentworth Miller Male Model photo,Wentworth Miller Male Model gallery,Wentworth Miller Male Model handsome man,Wentworth Miller hunk,Wentworth Miller handsome,Wentworth Miller man,Wentworth Miller fitness,Wentworth Miller gym,Wentworth Miller photo,Wentworth Miller gallery,Wentworth Miller model

Biracial Actor – Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller, born on June 2, 1972 in Chipping Norton, England, is a biracial actor who gained notoriety when he starred in the Mariah Carey videos, “It’s Like That” and “We Belong Together”.


His father is half African American, one quarter English and one quarter Jewish, while his mother is of French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent. He currently has a starring role as Michael Scofield in the new Fox Network drama Prison Break.

Wentworth Miller had his first taste of stardom in a role as the sensitive and introverted David in ABC’s mini-series Dinotopia. The very successful longform from Robert Halmi Sr. was a combination of character-driven action and state-of-the-art special effects, and was a story about a world where humans and dinosaurs live together in a magical civilization.


From this effects-driven adventure story, Miller moved to one of Hollywood’s favorite new projects, The Human Stain (2003), for Miramax Films. Having recently finished on location in Montreal, Miller had the opportunity to observe and work with Anthony Hopkins. The two share the film’s central character, Coleman Silk, Miller playing him as a young man before the story moves forward in the tempestuous life of this Ivy League professor.

Miller has at least one thing more in common with the British Hopkins: though he was raised in Brooklyn, Miller was actually born in the UK – in Chipping Norton, England where his father, a Rhodes Scholar, was studying.

A graduate of Princeton University, Miller’s stage time during college was spent singing, and he traveled the world performing with the school’s famed a capella group, The Princeton Tigertones. For reasons still a mystery to himself, his family and his friends, the young graduate headed to Los Angeles to pursue a behind-the-scenes career in the entertainment industry. And while he was able, with enviable ease, to turn an internship into a paying job and an actual burgeoning career, before long the drive to move in front of the camera became inescapable.


With the support of committed management, within a couple of years Miller landed guest spots, learned fast and earned attention on series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Popular. Dinotopia was his first starring role, and The Human Stain will be his first feature.

Prison Break (2005) as Michael Scofield
Underworld (2003) as Dr. A Lockwood
Dinotopia (2002) as David Scott

Evan Bourne


 165 lbs.
 St. Louis, Mo.
 WWE Tag Team Champion

Don’t let all his boyish smiles and peace signs cloud your judgment. Next thing you know, Evan Bourne will be executing a Shooting Star Press off a ladder – from just above those clouds – right onto your face.

“Air Bourne,” as he calls the move, is perhaps the most breathtaking aerial assault in WWE, but it’s far from the only trick in the high-flyer’s arsenal. Bourne has proven time and time again that he’s willing to throw caution to the wind, especially when opponents least expect it. When you look like a happy-go-lucky sprout in a land of snarling giants, extreme measures need to be taken.

Leave it to the hardcore faithful, then, to be the first to embrace Bourne in his WWE debut. The electric youngster dazzled ECW crowds in 2008 and 2009 and proved he wasn’t afraid of taking on much bigger combatants like Mike Knox. It didn’t take him long to win over the WWE Universe, either, as he took home a Slammy Award for “Best Finishing Maneuver” in his rookie year.

Raw viewers who watched Bourne team up with Rey Mysterio in 2008 were no doubt drawing some comparisons. That’s because Mysterio, another acrobat who’s more dangerous than his size indicates, has long been one of the blossoming Superstar’s idols.

Over the years, Bourne has continued to play the role of David in bouts against Goliaths with matches against Sheamus and Jack Swagger, whom he defeated at WWE Capitol Punishment in 2011. But the contests that have truly showcased Bourne’s action-packed style have been Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, one of which took place on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Bourne has made it clear he’s not done climbing to new heights and, in his ascent, the ranks of WWE. Teaming up with fellow high-adrenaline Superstar, Kofi Kingston, wound up being his most spectacular move yet. The dynamic duo known as Air Boom won the WWE Tag Team Championships on the Aug. 22, 2011 edition of Raw, launching Bourne to new heights.