Models and Actors – David Chokachi

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Models and Actors – David Chokachi

David was born in Plymoth Massachusetts. Like most actors, David loved movies while growing up. He was athletic and excelled at water sports and earned varsity letters in football, lacrosse and wrestling. Knowing the importance of fitness, he realized that if you weren’t in good shape, you’d get hurt.


He earned a scholarship to Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Graduating in 1990 with a degree in Political Science, David worked for Rep. Gerry Studds in Washington as his legislative aid before answering newspaper add for models and actors.

He spent the early years of his career modeling, and as a commercial actor. He commuted between Boston and New York doing commercials for two years. He also appeard in the film “With Honors”. He landed the part in Baywatch for the shows 6th season, portraying lifeguard Cody Madison.


He was an immediate hit with fans of the show. David got a chance to pursue other projects as well. He appeard in “Shadow of a Scream”, where he portrayes a psychotic killer.


David has made guest appearances on ABC’s “Sabrina, the teenage witch” as a ski instructor, and as a business man on NBC’s “Suddenly Susan”.