Antoni Messina, International Male Model

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Antoni Messina, International Male Model

Antoni Messina, born July 18, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan TV host and model, most widely known as one of the hosts of a Venezuelan TV program called “Ají.”

Born Antoni Messina Di Benedetto, now known to many simply by his first name as Antoni Messina, dreamed of becoming a film animator and perhaps a career in television. And although his family and friends always knew he was special and that he will make it big someday, he did not even dream he would be such a popular TV personality in his home country today.

But how could a gorgeous face and a great physique like his go unnoticed by the showbiz world? One day his fate was destined to change. While walking at University Santa Maria where he was studying Business Administration, a producer convinced him to do a casting for a TV show, “Ají.” He did, and they liked it and signed him right away.

Back in high school, Messina appeared in TV commercials and even was cast as extra in a film , but this new job was totally new to him. Everyday, he tries his best to learn something new and adjust to the totally new system he found himself in. Since then, Messina’s show has been rating high and his popularity has soared. He says the greatest sacrifice of his career is giving up his dream to be an animator. But the reward is great — he “got to meet a lot of women!” he laughed.

He says he is a responsible person and that his flaw is he has a big ego. He loves food, especially Italian foods, and sushi. In his free time, Messina loves to play football, go to the gym everyday and listen to all sorts of music, especially ballads. The only thing he does not like is Rock.

The most important moment in his life so far was when he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and he hopes to pursue Animation one day. A dream holiday for him would be to lay around the beach and to have a wild adventure in the mountains and jungle with friends.