Australian Actor – Lachlan Buchanan

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Australian Actor – Lachlan Buchanan

Lachlan Buchanan, born April 25, 1987 in Australia, is an Australian actor.


Lachlan started his young career performing mostly in TV guest roles, short films and television commercials.

In 2008, Lachlan finally got his big break when he landed his first lead role in the feature film “Newcastle”, directed by Dan Castle, a coming-of-age family drama. He plays Jesse, a talented surfer, who is saddled with a belligerent older half-brother, a former surfing star; and a younger gay brother, who causes him constant embarrassment. The movie was well-received by the critics where he received raves for his portrayal of Jesse.


During his spare time, Lachlan loves to hang out with his friends, listen to his iPod and play his favorite sport which is surfing.