USA Actor – Chris Klein

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USA Actor – Chris Klein

Chris Klein was born on March 14, 1979 in Hinsdale, Illinois, USA.


Chris attended Texas Christian University for dramatic arts. In high school, Chris was the quarterback of his football team, and he got his big break starring in the movie “Election.”

However, it wasn’t until he played the character Oz in the hit teen comedy film “American Pie” that his star took off. From there Chris starred in the movies “Here on Earth” and “Say It Isn’t So.” Also, supposedly he is “alarm clock crazy,” meaning he feels the need to check his alarm clock at least twice to make sure it’s on.


Posessing the sort of apple-cheeked, translucent-skinned All-American wholesomeness that has made him a natural for the pretty boy jock roles which began his career, Chris Klein started a minor sensation after appearing in only two films.

Chris Klein, who is a testament to both good PR and the American appetite for all that is young, athletic, and bearing no discernible acne scars, was born in Illinois. After spending the first thirteen years of his life there, he moved with his family to Nebraska. It was while he was in high school that Klein was discovered by director Alexander Payne.


Expats (2005) (filming) …. Casey
Just Friends (2006) (post-production)
The Long Weekend (2005) (post-production) …. Cooper
Rollerball (2002) …. Jonathan Cross
American Pie 1 & 2