Back To Back Philippines: Joshua Pacquiao and Andrew Gordon

Back To Back Philippines: Joshua Pacquiao and Andrew


oshua Pacquiao made a splash when he joined Mr. Expo Philippines in 2009. Riding in a magic sparked by Manny Pacquiao many pageant aficionados for awhile believe he might be the eventual winner. He has the looks and he has the Pacman’s charisma. Mr. Expo succeded in fairness … in EXPO-sing what is there to flaunt! (All photos are copyright to their rightful owners. Photo Credits to Hot Filipino Men)

What’s in a name? Andrew Gordon is another model that rides in the popularity of a newsworthy and the most articulate presidentiable …. Dick Gordon. His dewy freshness is a novelty … and his sex appeal dripping like lard in a local swharma kiosk. They are a welcome addition to the burgeoning new faces in the local modelling industry.


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