Tennis Athlete – Jan Michael Gambill

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Tennis Athlete – Jan Michael Gambill

Born on the 3rd of June 1977 in Spokane, Washington (USA), Jan-Michael Gambill current resides in Colbert, Washington. Son of Chuck and Diane Gambill, and older brother to Torrey Gambill, the No. 21 tennis player turned pro in 2000. With a big interest in the big cats that he has adopted at his charity, Gambill has been playing tennis for years, or more specifically, since the age of five. The tennis player plays right handed and wears Adidas clothing while being on the court. Known for turning his seat away from his opponents at matches, Jan-Michael has also been known for having quite a temper while playing the sport but eventually settling himself down.


In Seattle, Washington, when Gambill was only nine years old, he won his first tournament at the Boeing Tennis Center. Eight years later in 1994, when Jan-Michael was seventeen years of age, he was ranked the “Top Juniors Player”. Jan-Michael Gambill, named after the 70’s/80’s actor Jan-Michael Vincent, did not play high school tennis because.. quote: “…it conflicted too much with Junior National tournaments.”

Due to their extremely good looks, Jan-Michael and his younger sibling Torrey, Ford Modeling Agency hold a contract with both the brothers.

Besides his main sport, tennis, Gambill also enjoys volleyball and golf. Although he is in admiration of country singer Reba McIntyre, he is not much of a country music fan.


Due to his early start to tennis; and his talent, it is sincere to say that Jan-Michael Gambill is a man with great tennis ahead of him, having already achieved much success.