T.J. Hoban – Muscle Hunk Gallery 3

T.J. Hoban – Muscle Hunk Gallery 3

TJ Hoban is the ABs Expert to the stars. His famous physique has been featured on the cover of countless fitness magazines World-wide. But looks did not come easy for him. In fact he was an ugly duckling.

“I had thick glasses, braces, a funny hair do, and I was a runt. I couldn’t even talk to a girl let alone get a date.” Determined to break that image he started working out at an early age.

Years of dedication and training have helped him become one of Hollywood’s most sought after fitness experts.

Just look up ABs in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, and you’ll find TJ. He was contracted to shoot the AB section of this respected book. Arnold actually came down to the set to meet TJ and told him “I never had AB’s like you”. TJ was honored and replied “Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment.” He was also rescently hired by Sylvester Stallone to be the image for Sly’s new supplement company. Tj worked side-by-side with Sly at the Arnold Classic 2004.

“People always ask me how I train and what I eat to stay ripped 365 days a year. Everybody wants to know how to get in great shape and more importantly, how to stay there.”

There’s alot of fad diets and exercise programs out there, including expensive workout machines that usually wind up collecting dust and taking up space. TJ believes what you need is an exercise program that really works, that’s easy to stick to, and that’s affordable. So he created Abs & Bodyworks.



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