Sexy Male Bodybuilder – On Stage Gallery 4

Sexy Male Bodybuilder – On Stage Gallery 4


You will be required to perform an individual posing routing to music for the evening show. Occasionally this routine will be preformed in the morning (Pre-Judging) as well. During this routine you will be allowed up to 90 seconds to emphasize what you consider to be your strong points.

1. In this portion of the competition there are no “required” poses. Therefore, put together a routine that emphasis’s your strong points hides your weak areas. For instance, if you do not have a good lat-spread than leave the front and rear lat spread poses out of your routine. Similarly, if you lack calf development than I would not insert a double calf raise into the routine.

2. Add variety. Do not repeat the same poses over and over regardless of how good you are at it. I have seen competitors hit a most muscular at the left of the stage, again in the middle of the stage, again at the right and then repeat. The judges will not be impressed with this lack of variation.

3. Choose music that is tasteful and inspirational. Music that is too loud and offensive may impress your friends but will not find the same audience amongst the judges and the spectators. Give them something that will inspire and motivate them.

4. Work on transitions between poses. Try to add style and flair. To hit a pose, stop and then hit another without setting up the next pose may be boring and unimpressive. You don’t have to be a dancer however it helps if your poses appear to flow seamlessly from one to the next.

5. Smile if it fits your music and attitude. If not, a blank or serious expression may be appropriate as well.

6. Be Confident. Know what you want and what you are doing. If you are unsure of yourself you will not portray an attitude of strength and confidence.

7. Always bring 2 copies of your music. It is important to have a backup. You only need to have a tape malfunction once to appreciate the backup copy. Check with the promoter to see if only tapes or CD are acceptable.



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