Sam Milby

Sam Milby

Every year, the local Cosmopolitan magazine selects 69 hunks to feature in its magazine.  I am now going to rate these hunks according to my own taste.  This will be the criteria of my marking –

5 – Yum yum and I want to be his boyfriend!
4 – I can’t wait to take off his clothes!

3 – He’s ok, maybe we could be friends.
2 – He’s fine but not quite my type.
1 – Sorry, not really interested.

Sam is this year’s cover boy for their 69 Savage Studs edition.  His picture here is really nice, fantastic abs, and beautiful face.  Gay rumors nothwithstanding, Sam is a fine actor in my book, since I’ve seen his movies with Toni Gonzaga, and they are really funny – and this guy can really act.  I have never, though, fantasized about making out with him and although his pic above shows off some yummy delectable pit hair, still does not do much for me.  But I would be delighted if we could become friends. He seems like a nice person and someone you can go to movies with or have dinner or have inuman.  An all-around likeable guy!


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