Ryan Reynolds Performance in ‘Buried’

Ryan Reynolds Performance in ‘Buried’

In one of the more interesting movies this year, Ryan Reynolds, a certified hunk, (no, the shirtless pictures here don’t appear in the movie), does a one-act tour de force performance in the movie ‘Buried’.  This movie is not for the claustrophobe, as everything happens in one place, well, you guessed it – in a wooden coffin.  Several interesting things happen in there, as well as a lot of cruel people doing this to him.  I don’t know if this movie is an attack at the previous Bush administration, but it’s a damn good one!  And Ryan provides the acting chops to carry everything – as in everything, in this movie!

If you still haven’t seen the movie, and still want to see it, don’t proceed.

Should You Pay 170 pesos to watch this? – The idea of oneself being in a coffin and buried alive, is in itself, pretty scary!  Steel yourself when you watch this.  There is no happy ending.  And it makes you mad because there’s a lot of bad people too – although you never see them -you only hear them.

What Impresses Me In this Movie –  I didn’t know Iraq had a great telecommunications infrastructure.  Also, my brother says the phone Ryan uses in the whole movie is hi-tech!  These aren’t poor insurgents.  They’re loaded!!



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