Musician United States – Asher Book

Musician United States – Asher Book

Asher Book, born 18 September 1988 in Arlington, Virginia, is an American actor and musician.

Although the book may be new to Hollywood where he has made a name for himself as a talented actress, singer and guitarist of all.

He began his career in the acting world in 2000 when he played the character “Prince Edward Tudor” live, on stage in the adaptation of music from “Mark Twain’s Prince and the poor.”

Because Unbelieveable and the ability to sing music, books inspired to become an actor at the age of 11 stated that “his love of music led him to branch and expand its ability to entertain other people.”

His first big break came to him in 2004 when he signed on to play its Gary Cole, Liam, on the ABC Family Original Movie “Pop Rocks”.

In the film, he was able to show the world how talented he was by not only provides superb job playing the character of Liam, but also perform and record the song “I Want To Be Your Man” for the film and its soundtrack.

Kredit lain Nya bertindak termasuk “Fame”, “Lapan Satu Lapan”, “Medium”, “Close to Home” dan “Zoey 101”.

Selain bertindak, Buku dalam boy band “Kilang V”.

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