Jonathan Breeze – Want To Be Male Model

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Jonathan Breeze

– Want To Be Male Model

Jonathan Breeze

25 years old, Long Island, New York

Long Version : I am no one but I am everyone.  I am a man who wants to achieve everything but also realize that getting every thing you want can be dangerous.  I am a person that loves challenge, and modeling seems to be a big one.  I do many things : football league, DJ, Jiu-jitsu, Hockey, Gymnastics and weight lifting.

I DO many things but I AM none of them.  What defines me is my love for life, my sense of humor and the way I treat people.  Those are the three things I will guard all my life.

As for modeling, well I am going to do this until I succeed OR until I crash and burn in a blaze of glory  Love fitness and want to do that type of modeling and hopefully even enter some of the Model Fitness shows. Those models are in crazy shape so give me some time and Ill show you what I can do.

I think I am humble and if you need to call me fat or short or slow, Im pretty sure I can take that to heart and improve.  Ive overcome alot more than just words and been motivated by a lot less.  I do believe in myself though, just not at the expense of others.

This being said, if you like the way I look please get in contact with me and see if we would be a good match.  Very willing to be open about different art forms although you probably wont get me in a thong, or out of one.  I promise that I am on time, faithful to my word and a kind professional person.  If you are not, well Ill still be that same person though.  I also promise that I will bring my full attention and my body at its best , to do great work every time.

Thanks for reading all of this and come check me out.  You will definitely find something to your liking.