Japanese Actor and Musician – Takizawa Hideaki

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Japanese Actor and Musician – Takizawa Hideaki

Takizawa Hideaki born on March 29, 1982, is a Japanese actor and musician.


Takizawa Hideaki joined Johnny’s Junior in 1995 at the age of 13. He quickly became one of the shining stars and became a leader of the Juniors.

Starred in numerous Japanese TV dramas (doramas in Japanese), but it wasn’t until the 1999 controversially plotted Majo no Jouken where he starred as highschool student Kurosawa Hikaru who was in love with his homeroom teacher Hirose Michi (played by Matsushima Nanako), that he was recognized not only nationwide Japan, but in a lot of other countries outside Japan. Takizawa Hideaki then continued to star in a lot of dramas, hosted television shows, and he also became an endorser for many big name brands’ TV commercials in Japan (i.e. Lotte, Shiseido, Kirin Supli, NTT DoCoMo, Sega, Final Fantasy X.)


Debuted from Johnny’s Junior 7 years after he first entered, on August 1, 2002 with fellow Johnny’s Junior Imai Tsubasa into a duo unit called Tackey & Tsubasa and signed a contract with recording company avextrax. On September 11, 2002, Tackey & Tsubasa released their first album titled Hatachi, which means “20-years-old” in Japanese. They have then since released a total of 2 albums and 3 singles, and had done 3 concert tours as Tackey & Tsubasa.

Currently endorsing the Olympus camera, pulling the brand out of a 10-year-pit into the #1 camera brand in Japan presently.

He also did a guest voice-acting role in the popular anime Inuyasha TV special episode #147-148 that aired in April 2004. He voice-starred a 5-minute role in that flashback episode as SHAKO, the leader of the Youkai Taijiya clan, who is also Sango’s ancestor.


Takki also did a leading role in the Johnny Kitagawa-produced musical Dream Boy, which was staged in the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo on January 2004, and the Umeda Koma Stadium in Osaka on May 2004. The Official DVD for this musical had been released by avextrax on August 11, 2004.

Both Tackey & Tsubasa recently held their first overseas concert ever since they debuted as a unit in 2002. The concert was called Thai J-Pop Concert, held in Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 24, 2004.

His upcoming work will be a leading role in NHK’s next prestigious taiga dorama Yoshitsune, as the main character, Minamoto Yoshitsune. This dorama will air on NHK in 2005.