Jake Alan Purdy – Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

Jake Alan Purdy – Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

15 years of blood sweat and tears, and finally i can share my passion with the world… My name is Jake Alan Purdy. Im a Professional Fitness trainer specializing in Photo Preparation for Models and fitness competitors. I’m known at my gym for having an incredible knowledge of Exercise Science and Nutrition. I have been in the fitness industry for as long as i can remember. My Dad got me into it at a very young age of 12. Thanks Dad! I fell in love with health and fitness and from there took it as far as i possibly could by working towards my degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Now I bring my passion, knowledge and experience to you. Working with a large client base for the last 7 years has helped me reach a whole new look on fitness. Not everyone is trying to be a fitness pro. But everyone does want to be healthy. Passion is contagious. Change the world and be remembered.

Being in the fitness modeling industry always keeps me motivated. I have to try to look my best year round. I now have great modeling experience and travel, yet i believe in having an incredible portfolio. I will read every email and comment and they are greatly appreciated. I am still building my portfolio and I’m trying to be as versatile as possible with the photographers I use, and the styles they choose. I have worked with some extremely experienced photographers and I’m ready to take it to the next level.

BB Accomplishments:

Mr. colorado 2004 – second place middleweight
Northern Colorado 2005 – 3rd place Open light heavy
Rocky Mountain International 2006 – First Place Light Heavy
Mr. Colorado 2007 – 5th place Light Heavy
2008 – Muscle art Studio featured Personal Trainer
2009 – March Issue Exercise For Men (to be published)



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