Honolulu Actor – Darin Brooks

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Honolulu Actor – Darin Brooks

Darin Brooks, born May 27, 1984 in Honolulu, Hawaii, is an American actor.


Brooks currently stars as Maxwell “Max” Brady on the hit NBC soap opera Days Of Our Lives since June 22, 2005. Brooks had recently had a small part in 2005 starring in Staring At the Sun.

Brooks, at age 21 has already begun making a name for himself in Hollywood. Attending the University of Hawaii with a major of Performing Arts, he impressed his fellow students and teachers with his acting abilities.


Brooks has been in a few TV shows and films, he has done some surfing work in them, he also hosted a show.

In his spare time, Darin likes being a normal person, hanging with his friends, and playing his favorite sports. Acting isn’t his only talent, Darin can also play over 25 sports including, Baseball, Basketball, Jet Skiing and more!