German Model – Micky Friedmann

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Micky Friedmann

Micky Friedmann, born in Israel, is a German ballet dancer and model.


Friedmann was born in Israel of German Jews who fled their homeland during World War II. His Father told him to never feel like an outsider in Germany as his family had helped build the country. Determined Micky returned to Germany and very much the quintessential Berliner.

Now based in Berlin, Friedman is a soloist dancer with the Berlin Ballet Komische Opera. He also models part time and contracted by agency “VIVA.”


His work includes fashion and commercial print, and can be seen sulking in the pages of numerous magazines, most notably, the front covers of Blue, Sergej, Spartacus and Nujn.

The combination of dancing and modeling allows him to meet many interesting people around the world on the modeling front; and on the dance front, working with great colleagues and dancing special ballets and creations.

Friedmann candidly explains, “I enjoy very much performing on stage. Standing in front of the camera is a different kind of passion. Both are combination of ambition, hard work and discipline.”


During his spare time, Friedman enjoys to take a stroll around his neighbourhood, go to the gym and hang out in some cool local bars.