German Actor – Dominic Boeer

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German Actor – Dominic Boeer

Dominic Boeer, born August 4, 1978 in Warstein, Germany, is a German actor.


Even as a child, Boeer played theatre in his home town of Lippstadt, among other roles as Mogli in “The Jungle Book”.

Boeer is a big Elvis fan, that’s why, at the age of 18, he wrote an Elvis musical which ran successfully for some time with him in the leading role. Afterwards, he began to study political science at Cologne University. Eventuall,y he trained with American drama coaches (financed by the Berlin Institute for the Advancement of Film), while he was also working as a presenter at Hellweg Radio in Soest.


Boeer played his best known roles in the TV series, “GuteZeiten – Schlechte Zeiten” (Good times- bad times) where he played the teacher Jonas Vossberg; in “Fünf Sterne” (Five Stars) as Tom Brahe and in his first international film production, “The Conlave”, in Canada.