European Fitness Model – Matus Valent

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European Fitness Model – Matus Valent

Matus Valent, born April 20, 1981, in Bratislava, Slovak Republic living in California, is a European fitness model.


As a youth, Valent played indoor volleyball and became the Junior Slovakian champion with his team ASK Inter. He was also on the Slovakian National team at age 19.

During his college years, Valent turned to beach volleyball, and in 2004 he became the California A-Category champion.

After earning a University Masters Degree in Physical Education and Sports Management, Valent moved to California where he now lives.


Valent has appeared in numerous magazines including Men’s Exercise, Men’s Workout, and Exercise & Health, Natural Muscle, Reps and Maximum Fitness. He has also competed and won prestigious titles in among others the Model California, Model America, and Model Universe competitions for male sport models.

Valent is 6’2″ and weighs 200-205 lbs.