Erie Obsena- Simply Lovable!

Erie Obsena- Simply Lovable!

Boygroups usually is a part and parcel of the showbiz industry, even Hollywood was not spared when Backstreet Boys, N Synch and 98 Degrees lorded it over in music and also the income supremacy. And there’s more … the fan support!

Locally. boygroups are a dime dozen … Who can’t forget The Hunks, ASAP Coverboys, Voizboys, A Pop, Kanto Boys, Gigger Boys, Anime and on the GMA side ther’s SOP Boys, Take 5, and the new teeny-buster … XLR8!

In the midst of all this boygroup phenomenon … there are boygroups who wants to be different, their repertoir still consist of the sing and dance routines, but the beat and the lyrics of their songs are more mature and are more adult-oriented. Masculados and Viva Hot Men are on the top of this genre … and now … the newly blood transfused Men of Provoq and lest I forget … the Cappuccinos.

A Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. And just like its members … theyre hot and steamy. Erie Obsena is a former member and after a magnifiscent start … it looks like the group was not getting anywhere. Man Central just hope, Erie will get more assignments. We can’t afford to just leave the kid … he looked he has lots of promise!


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