Denmark Model – Oliver Bjerrehuus

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Denmark Model – Oliver Bjerrehuus

Danish model Oliver Bjerrehuus is one of the most popular models that are followed by a great number of fans worldwide. Thanks to his success in modeling and acting, Oliver has become a well-announced celebrity in his home country Denmark. While Oliver starts to getting more recognition for his acting, his modeling career has reached even greater heights, when he was selected to represent the new AZZARO perfume, Visit for men.


Oliver Bjerrehuus is born in a wealthy family to a famous Danish actress (now writer), Suzanne Bjerrehuus. Oliver had spent two years studying electrical engineering in Aarhuus, Denmark, before he decided to take a different career path, modeling. In 1997, Oliver touch downed in New York, and soon he was landing major roles in ad campaigns and fashion editorials. Over the years, he has appeared in Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Nautica, Claiborne and many others. His handsome face is frequently seen in pages of GQ and Vogue.

After six years in New York (1997-2003), where he made a living as a model, Oliver Bjerrehuus moved back to Denmark, and was ready to take on new challenges. Oliver had previously studied acting in New York, and had some limited acting experience in a few feature films and television. Now, Oliver is the male leading role, playing the character Kenneth in the new Danish action-drama, Eurotrash.


Modeling is secondary to acting for Oliver nowadays, but the infatuation with his booty seems to have just started to grow, and it has come to a point where he has to very selective in his modeling assignments. As for Oliver’s personal life, he already has a failed marriage, which took place in 2004, and shares the custody of their son Oskar.