Colombian Model and Actor – Carlos Arturo Buelvas

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Colombian Model and Actor – Carlos Arturo Buelvas

Carlos Arturo Buelvas, born August 29, 1987, in Montería, Córdoba, is a Colombian model and actor.

Buelvas traveled to the capital city of Colombia at the age of 15 with the intention of following in the footsteps of his father who was obstetrician and gynecologist and died in December 2004 at the age of fifty years.

Buelvas studied medicine in college but only stayed for only two semesters before deciding to pursue acting. The immense desire to be a respected doctor as his father was transformed into the belief and desire to be follow his true passion: to be an actor and being on stage.


Buelvas made his television debut at age 17 as Lawrence in “Padres a hijos”, and he appeared in the movie El ángel del acordeón. He played the lead role in “El Principito”, a musical based on the chldren’s book The Little Prince.

And in 2008, Buelvas starred in “Poker”, a new feature-length film Colombian directed by young director Juan Sebastian Valencia, where he worked behind the camera as a production assistant and as an actor.