Colombia Actor and Model – Juan Pablo Llano

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Colombia Actor and Model – Juan Pablo Llano

Juan Pablo Llano born on November 17, 1977 in Medellin, Colombia, is an actor and model.


Juan Pablo Llano entered the fashion world with the right foot. Catalina,his girlfriend back then, now wife, suggested him to present one of his pictures to an agency and a few days after having done it, he had initial contracts, Punto Blanco, and International brand of underwear, allowed him to step up on the scenarios of the colombiamoda fair, despite being a beginner without any experience, the arduous work was worth it and in the middle of intense days of parades, catalogues and adverts. He earned praise from experts, who labeled him the best runway model, apart from bing one of the favoured of the designer when it comes to displaying their creations.


Costena Bear, Premium, Bostion, Royal, Sunsilk, Fomaser, Contigo…. and may other companies, have had the privilege of having him associated with their products, demonstrating his success.

In Equador, he is considered a sex symbol, and is even recognized in Mexico, after having worked for four months with the agency comtempo, and having worked for four months wih the Agency Contempo, and having been the image of Emyco, Tequila Sauza Hacienda, Wireless Internet Igo, and the Palace of the Iron. His dedication is incomparable.


That is why he decided to dare to make one of his dreams come true: be an actor. His participation in Histories of Men just for women lasted for only one episode even though he was the principal character, but this reconfirmed his intentions, then a new character came into sight, Cesar Dominguez, antogonic of the Authentic Rodrigo Leal; which was a surprising hit, captured the hearts of thousands of viewers, and enjoyed success at their first place in the ating systems of many south American countries.