Calvin Klein’s Obsession Model – Mark Vanderloo

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Calvin Klein’s Obsession Model – Mark Vanderloo

Got milk? Mark Vanderloo did, when he landed, by happenstance, a national commercial for Holland’s dairy board 10 years ago. Now, he’s got a lot more than that as Hugo Boss’ main man for the past three years.


Born: April 24, 1968 in Waddenvenn Holland
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Resides: Has homes in New York, Paris and Amsterdam
Trivia: Speaks five languages; is dating supermodel Carolyn Murphy

In 1992, Vanderloo was tending bar for $200 a night and modeling part-time near his village in Holland, when he was signed by Willemina and hit the international modeling scene. He says he opted to leave his native home to see the world. Four months later, he had become a runway sensation in Paris, Milan and Manhattan.

Hungry for a male supermodel, the industry pounced on the broad-shouldered boy. In 1994, he moved to Manhattan, bought a pair of rollerblades and became Calvin Klein’s Obsession model. (Yes, that one–the guy in the white briefs, rolling around in the sand.)


Donna Karan hired Vanderloo that year for a hush-hush spring ad campaign, launching her new men’s collection. While print remains Vanderloo’s bread and butter, the model continues to balance a schedule of up to 50 shows per year. Perhaps that’s why VH1’s Fashion and Music Awards recently named him Male Model of the Year.