Brazilian Actor – Romulo Arantes Neto

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Brazilian Actor – Romulo Arantes Neto

Romulo Arantes Neto, born in 1987, is a Brazilian actor and model, best known for playing the role of André on the Brazilian teen soap “Malhação”.

Initially, Neto was not destined – during his childhood – to become an actor but rather a swimmer, as he started frequenting pools at the age of 6 months. For 13 years, he’d trained every day or almost, amassing numerous titles in junior categories before giving it all up, to the great disappointment of his father who himself was a former swimming champion.

But Neto had dreams not of podiums but of Fashion Weeks. His career path changed when a scout spotted him at the beach. 40 Graus Models did not hesitate to sign him up, and his success was immediate. Since then, he managed to waltz down just about every runways for big fashion shows in Brazil and Europe.

Neto soon realized that he wanted to try his hand at acting. He found himself auditioning for numerous TV shows and finally, he was cast as Andre in the Brazilian soap opera for the teenage audience, “Malhação.”