Bodybuilder Pictures – Man Towel 2

Bodybuilder Pictures – Man Towel 2

Stretching is an exercise that is particularly designed to extend the muscles and limbs to their complete and full extent. It helps in the expansion of the muscles and limbs by widening or lengthening and is comprehensive to the overall fitness of the human body.

The main purpose of stretching is to provide enough stability and flexibility to the body and act as a simple and helpful tool before commencement of rigorous exercises. It helps to lengthen the muscle tissues of the body and helps in easy muscle performance.

Even after knowing the benefits of stretching, people and athletes sometime tends to ignore this very useful and simple activity. This is a great home exercise that is beneficial for the purpose of warming up the body and reducing the threat of connective tissue and muscle injuries.

Stretching can not alone be helpful to the cause of great muscular development but it can be useful for warming up and toning up the body. Rigorous exercises must be preceded by stretching to ensure optimum utilization from the workout at the gym.

Stretching can be done for 3 times a week and must not be less than 20 minutes per session and must be done slowly and carefully as strong and fast movements can lead to pain and injury. The number can be increased with the passage of time but can not be assumed to deliver all the benefits of rigorous exercises alone.

Types of Stretching:

1. Side Stretch.
2. Forward Bend
3. Downward-Facing Dog
4. Quad Stretch
5. Cobra
6. Child’s Pose
7. Hip Stretch
8. Corpse Pose

The two basic Types of stretching exercises are the static stretch and the Ballistic Stretch.

Precautions/ Steps before commencing stretching:

1. Warm-up is a must before stretching as it helps in the lubrication of the joints and warms the body muscles.
2. Do it sensitively and do not over-stretch as that can lead to injuries.
3. Stretching must not be done in case of stretch torn and injury to the muscles.
4. Stretching must be under the guidance of a certified trainer in the initial stages.
5. The stretch must be for a period of 20-30 seconds to maximize benefits.
6. Cool-down and relaxation of the body must be done after stretching.



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