Award Winning Actor From South Africa – Paul O’Brien

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Award Winning Actor From South Africa – Paul O’Brien

Paul O’Brien, born April 14, 1978, in South Africa is a Logie Award winning actor from South Africa, best known for playing Jack Holden on the Australian  television soap opera “Home and Away”.

Born in South Africa, O’Brien led a nomadic existence as a child, living across Australia, South Africa and Mauritius before settling on Queensland’s Gold Coast at the age of seven.

At 21, O’Brien moved to Melbourne to pursue an acting career, dabbling in the stand-up comedy circuit while looking for work. He subsequently starred in several short film stage productions and the independent Melbourne feature Parallels.


O’Brien was rehearsing for a one-man show when he landed his big break in 2005 – the role of Constable Jack Holden on Home and Away. He won a silver logie as “Best New Male Talent” in 2006, and was also nominated for a Logie in 2007.

Conscious of the influence his work on Home and Away has on children and teenagers, O’Brien has produced a video, Beach Rules which emphasises sun and surf safety and great tips for body board riding. He has recently returned from spending three weeks in the UK during the Christmas break performing the lead role in the pantomime Aladdin.


A former chef, O’Brien can be found experimenting in the kitchen, specialising in seafood and Italian dishes. A singer/guitarist, Paul can salsa dance and loves surfing, body boarding, golf, skiing and water skiing.