Arsenal Football Player – Freddie Ljungberg

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Arsenal Football Player – Freddie Ljungberg

The midfielder for Arsenal FC in the English Premier League, Freddie Ljungberg was born in Vittsjo, Sweden, in 1977 and has played soccer since the age of five. The U.K.’s eighth eligible bachelor (according to a British newspaper) was voted 2002 Player of the Year in England and has scored over 40 goals for his team!


“I started to play professional when I was 16,” explains Freddie. “[It was] a dream come true. Started playing with a national team when I was 19 and then at 21 they brought me to London and that was a great step for me, for my career, and I’ve been there ever since.”

Freddie is now CALVIN KLEIN Underwear’s new face. Freddie joins a pantheon of Calvin Klein underwear models who have gone on to fame and fortune, including TV’s new Tarzan, TRAVIS FIMMEL, ANTONIO SABATO JR. and, of course, MARK WAHLBERG. Freddie is the first athlete to slip into the role since U.S. Olympic Pole Vaulter TOM HINTNAUS, who was the first Calvin Klein men’s underwear model in 1982.


“I love fashion and I have a lot of friends who work with fashion and clothes,” says Freddie about his personal style and dress. “I like to mix different styles, a really nice shirt or jacket with some vintage jeans that are a bit beaten up. For me, that’s fashion — when you can mix different stuff that you maybe don’t think fit together.”