Andres Sanchez, International Male Model – US

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Andres Sanchez, International Male Model – US

Andres Sanchez, born in 1983, in Brooklyn, New York, is an American model and personal trainer.

Sanchez was raised in Brooklyn but moved in Massachusetts when he was 10 years old. He was 18 when he first thought about modeling. At that time he was working as a stripper. While taking a short vacation in Mexico he met Al David, who has the honor to be the first to take photos of Andres. He is also the one who flew Andres over to Miami and brought him in contact with Bruce Weber.

Sanchez learned a lot about modeling and finally signed up with agency Silver in NYC where he landed a few modeling gigs in editorials, ad campaigns and catalogues for Adidas. This is also the time when he learned acting and producing.

“I’ve discovered that I love everything that goes into any production, whether it be a print ad or a movie. I’d like to be the next Vin Diesel…When I was a teenager I read Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and bought the A&F catalogs always saying to myself I would be in those ads one day,” Sanchez said.

Besides modeling Sanchez is a busy guy. He works as a personal trainer, and is doing night shifts as a grave yard security man to make some extra money. He also goes to college and hopes to graduate in Broadcasting and would like to concentrate in the acting business after that.

Sanchez believes modeling is all about expressing yourself, and that this involves a certain degree of exhibitionism is not problem for him. Modeling helped him to understand who he is, what his personal flaws are and how to deal with them.

When asked what is the most important things in his life, Sanchez said, “My dream to make it in this business and what I leave for my family when I am done are the most important things to me.”