American Fitness Model – Trevor Adams

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American Fitness Model – Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams, born in 1981, in Spring, Texas, USA, is an American fitness model.


Adams had a somewhat tough childhood. From kindergarten to 12th grade, he attended a total of 13 different schools which was the primary reason he didn’t have very many friends growing up. He never knew what was going to happen next. For the most part when he was growing up, it wasn’t rare for him to go without eating or to wear clothes that had holes.

Adams grew up very quick as a child, to help support his financially strained parents; he began doing yard work for the neighbors at the age of 8 to help pay his way.


Adams was always told at a young age that he should be a model, but he never really knew what that was. When he turned 20, his Mom finally brought him to the modeling agency in Houston (Neal Hamil) in an attempt to get his foot through the door. He eventually met with photographer, Aaron Callies (National Fitness Photographer) and to date has been associated with multiple fitness magazines including “Men’s Exercise,” “Mens Workout,” “Exercise and Health,” “Exercise for Men Only” and “Best Body,” just to name a few.

His dream is to represent an underwear company, or a clothing line; and to be the face of big name designers.


To stay in shape, Adams enjoys all kind of sports, especially water sports. He loves to jet ski, water ski, swimming, and boating.