American Actor – Seth Kamphuijs

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American Actor – Seth Kamphuijs

On 10 September 1977, Seth Benjamin Kamphuijs was born in the village of Eenrum to an American mother and a father from Groningen. Seth had his first contact with theatre at private school. Without waiting for his exam results to arrive, Seth left for a car trip throughout Europe. In Barcelona he worked behind the bar and presented shows in clubs.


When he came back to Amsterdam, where he had moved, he worked in the ‘Comedyclub’ and took acting lessons as preparation for theatre school. When he did not pass the entrance exam, Seth decided to go back to his ‘roots’ and to try his luck in the ‘Capitol of the World’: New York. While there, he took acting lessons and attended many off-Broadway shows, but an urge to be home and closer to his friends drew him back to Amsterdam.

Veronica broadcasting took Seth on in the soap Onderweg Naar Morgen. In it, he spent a year playing the role of Ticho Steiner. After a strict selection procedure, he was accepted by the Theatre Academy in Maastricht, where he added the technique of shaping his theatrical expression to the talent he already had.

Soon after he was asked to join the ‘Paardenkathedraal’ theatre company in Utrecht, Seth decided to do a screen test for TMF. This also turned out in a positive way: “I am now one of the happiest people I know because I get to work in two of my greatest loves, theatre and television.”


Meanwhile, Seth has moved from TMF to MTV, and is still actively developing his acting career. On television, he can also be seen from Monday through Friday from 16:00 to 18:00 in the programme MTVlive, of course on MTV.