American Actor and Model – Scott Gurney

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American Actor and Model – Scott Gurney

Scott Gurney, born in 1976, is an American actor and model.


Prior to becoming an actor/model, Gurney played soccer. He and his teammates won the NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer National Championship in 1990. Today, Gurney’s playing to a much bigger crowd.

Scott Gurney began his acting career as a model for catalog retailer International Male in San Diego, and then went to Los Angeles and modeled for Calvin Klein and Polo Sport.


In L.A., he began taking acting classes and auditioning for TV shows. The offers to guest star have been coming ever since.

Gurney has appeared on the television shows Seventh Heaven, Baywatch, Cybil, Step By Step, and Married… with Children. He has also appeared in several NBC movies of the week.

Gurney is also known for playing Mikey Racini (aka Johnny Rebel) in the 2001 movie The Fluffer.


But Gurney’s not letting his burgeoning acting career push modeling out of the picture. He has flown to Europe for numerous modeling assignments.

Gurney says, “It doesn’t matter if you come from a small town or a big city, as long as you have the drive, you can succeed.”