Alexandre Verga, International Male Model – US

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Alexandre Verga, International Male Model – US

Model Alexandre Verga, a favourite of renowned photographer Bruce Weber, has done shoots for Abercrombie & Fitch and for the Guess catalogue in New York.

His plans for living overseas (from Brazil) were changed after the World Trade Center attacks on September 11.

“My apartment was five kilometers from the towers,” he says. “It was horrible; besides fear, work disappeared.”

His first trip to the USA was in 1994, when Verga lived in Orlando with his family, in hopes of having a better life. His father, an airline pilot, was not able to establish himself in the USA and, after a while, decided to return to Brazil and continue his career as a pilot.

Verga remained in the US, but also returned home in 1999. At this time, he met an agent that brought him back to the United States, only this time to New York. After traveling to China, Milan and Germany, Alexandre worked like never before for his Brazilian clients.

“I had no time for anything, only work and trying to have a little fun at the beach.”

While travelling he liked getting to know the places he visited and learn about the local cultures. “I was in Milan and I didn’t have much to do, so I learned juggling with a friend and we had a lot of fun.”

Despite his youth and his short career, Verga has already learned his first lesson. “Right when I started working, I was paid in dollars and wasted everything,” he says. “I still don’t know anything about my future, but I’m saving, keeping it to be able to think about it with sufficient calm.”

When the subject of his heart arises, he responds with a short laughs and sentences, but he reveals: “I work and I travel a lot, but I can’t find a girlfriend, but I always find special people along the way.”