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Brett Dier

Brett Dier

I now enjoy watching movie in Diva Channel, because the movies are a bit lightweight, and their resolutions are not that complicated.  So anyway, tonight, I watched this movie entitled ‘Family In Hiding’.  It’s about the Witness Protection Program and the family who has to go through it because the mother witnesses a brutal slaying.

Brett Dier plays the son, who is a popular basketball jock in their school.  His life is turned upside down because of what his mother witnesses and now, he struggles to remain anonymous and insignificant in the new places they moved in.  Of course, that is not easy to do, since Brett’s character is supposed to be a star player.

His pictures now show a more mature Brett, which is actually very sexy to look at!! I love his eyes! He has no shirtless scenes here since his character is still very young – but I hope that the next time I see Brett, he gets to shed off that shirt and show off his body.  I’m sure he has a sexy one to go with those beautiful eyes of his.


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