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127 Hours is Visually Stunning yet it will make your stomach churn!

127 Hours is Visually Stunning yet it

will make your stomach churn!

I am not surprised that the Oscar voters chose this film as one of the best of 2010!  It is visually stunning and the soundtrack is fantastic!  Action in half of the movie just happens in one place but I never got bored or felt claustrophobic about it.  Simon Beaufoy and Danny Boyle are very skillfull storytellers and I’m sure the book version of this would be more serious and plodding, but this movie is definitely not. It just moves the story along and allows the viewers like me to reach a denouement and realization in the end.  Finding out how Aron Ralston moves from being this kind of person to another type of person is fasinating to watch.  That scene where he kept saying, ‘This rock was waiting for me my whole life, the moment I started life on earth’…..really shook me.  It made me reflect on my own life too.

Anyhow, I didn’t know that the last 10 minutes of the movie was going to be bloody! I was really squirming in my seat.  I did try to cover my eyes with the towel I brought, but it made things worse since I could hear James Franco and my imagination was giving me all these gory images!

Well, that part of the story is probably the most provoking but also the most liberating, at least for Aron Ralston.  His will to live under such very difficult circumstances is incredible!  He certainly lived life dangerously but at least he is living it under his own terms.



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Trent Fosters – Australian Hairy Hung Muscle Stud

Trent Fosters – Australian Hairy Hung Muscle Stud

Trent Fosters is Dynamite Studio’s first Australian model. His phenomenal stature is evidence enough as to why he is Australia’s number one stripper and most demanded in the Muscle Worship scene through out Australia. People stop and stare at his strong Australian accent.

Trent’s last bodybuilding show at MuscleHunks.com was such a major success for him that they knew they had to shoot him again right away. See a huge, ripped, talkative, and wildly sexy Trent as he shows you the hugeness of his muscles and the hugeness of his machine in a Las Vegas suite!

Heading Down Under for the Down Low. Trent Fosters is slumming from MuscleHunks.com in a rare scene, never viewed before, and ready to show you just why he’s the cream of the crop of the “G-Day!” boyz of Australia.




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