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2011 Oscar Race: Christian Bale

2011 Oscar Race: Christian Bale

In this blog’s poll for the sexiest Oscar nominee in the male acting categories – Christian Bale topped the polls and is this year’s winner for sexiest actor in the Oscar race for 2011!  It was a very close race this year as Christian got 32% of the votes.  He also won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter – an award which I believe he really deserved – since I could not even identify him when he first appeared onscreen!

Well, since an Oscar category normally has five nominees, here are the other nominees for 2011’s Sexiest Oscar Nominated Actor –

James Franco – 28% of the votes – James co-hosted the Oscars this year with Anne Hathaway.  I would’ve voted for James and he was really sexy and macho in 127 Hours, the movie where he was nominated in!



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