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Hot Man – Rafael

Hot Man – Rafael

Rafael, 26, 5’11” and 174 lbs, is a sexy Brazilian-American now living in the States for several years. He’s completing his studies and also models part time. He enjoys working out, computers, and a variety of contact sports, including mixed martial arts. He did commercial modeling when he was in his teens but has recently decided he wanted to get back into it– he’s now focused on fitness modeling.

Rafael works out several times a week to maintain his physique and is looking forward to seeing where his new modeling endevours will take him.

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British Boxer-Tom

British Boxer-Tom

Tom, 20, is a British boxer which he has been doing since he was 16. A natural athlete (and flirt), he also does quite a lot of swimming, running, badminton, lifting weights, and flexing ..and teasing which he’s really good at. Now, he’s taking a stab at modeling. He stands 5′ 9″ at 145 lbs.

Height: 5’11 / 180.3 cm
Waist: 31 inc / 78.7 cm
Weight: 10.2 st / 65 kg

Shoes: 09.5 / 42.0
Hips: 32 inc / 81.3 cm
Build: muscular
Chest: 40 inc / 101.6 cm

Eye colour:  blue-green
Hair type: mid-length
Hair colour: blonde

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Joshua Delos – American Male Model 2

Joshua Delos – American Male Model

Joshua Delos, born in 1990, in Hagaman, New York, is an American model.

Delos entered the world of modeling at the age of 18. One of his first assignments found him being photographed by veteran lensman Joe Lally for an editorial “Music of the Night” from “Visual Tales” magazine premiere issue.

Soon after, Delos became the favorite of established photographers Kristopher Kelly, John Tan, and Jonh Michael. Standing 6ft 1ins, blue eyes, brown hair and body to die for, his exposure ended up getting advertisers interested in him as far as London and Japan.

Besides modeling, Delos is also an avid boxer. For fun, he loves riding dirtbike, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and off roading with his truck. He loves laughing and spending good times with his friends and family. A big kid at heart, he also likes playing video games.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/jdrider13