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Men’s Underwear – Unico Men’s Underwear

Men’s Underwear – Unico Men’s Underwear

Classic Suspensor Trunk

These trunks make other boxer briefs seem boring. They come in stretch cotton and are offered in a variety of colors. I have red ones. The first time I wore them I went to the gym–they are great to wear under gym shorts.

Microfiber Suspensor Trunk

This microfiber ‘Suspensor’ trunk is made from a lightweight, super-stretchy microfiber and features a contour pouch that offers added ‘lift.’ They come in three colors. I have a pair and love how they hug my body. I recommend buying as size up since they do run a bit small.

Bi-Color Suspensor Trunk

These trunks are so fun looking and they are made of stretch cotton. They are super flattering, at least visually, probably because of the way the two colors are sewn together. Very slimming.

Fresco Trunk

This sheer mesh and microfiber trunk is not for everyone and are probably something you would wear when you are feeling a little sexy.

Ciclo Boxer Brief

These fun striped trunks are really soft and comfy. They have a body-hugging design in a classic boxer brief cut. These you could wear every day.

Classic Suspensor Brief

If you are a briefs kind of guy, you will enjoy these. They are made of stretch cotton and are very supportive. In fact, they fit like a glove. They come in lots of colors too.

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British Boxer-Tom

British Boxer-Tom

Tom, 20, is a British boxer which he has been doing since he was 16. A natural athlete (and flirt), he also does quite a lot of swimming, running, badminton, lifting weights, and flexing ..and teasing which he’s really good at. Now, he’s taking a stab at modeling. He stands 5′ 9″ at 145 lbs.

Height: 5’11 / 180.3 cm
Waist: 31 inc / 78.7 cm
Weight: 10.2 st / 65 kg

Shoes: 09.5 / 42.0
Hips: 32 inc / 81.3 cm
Build: muscular
Chest: 40 inc / 101.6 cm

Eye colour:  blue-green
Hair type: mid-length
Hair colour: blonde

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Mark Wahlberg Sizzles in ‘The Fighter’

Mark Wahlberg Sizzles in ‘The Fighter’

We are privileged to see Mark Wahlberg shed off his shirt again, twice this year, in fact!  Earlier this year, in Date Night, he was always shirtless, which was good for us!  He certainly looked delish there!  In The Fighter, since he’s a boxer, he had to have a lot of shirtless scenes.  Which again, is good for us!  My friend said there was even a scene where he was just in his skivvies, which I think I missed since I was answering a text message (grrrr!!!).  Oh well, I will buy the DVD copy so I can check that scene out.  For purposes of reminiscing, I found a picture of Mark in Boogie Nights – now that’s where he really lets it all hang out!!




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