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Doubts on suicide-anti-smoking drug Chantix link

Doubts on suicide-anti-smoking drug Chantix link

Despite earlier health agency warnings, there is no strong evidence that the anti-smoking drug Chantix raises the risk of suicidal thoughts or depression compared to other stop-smoking products, researchers reported Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

Back in July of this year, U.S. health officials ordered strong “black box” warnings be added to Chantix (also called varenicline) as well as anti-smoking drug Zyban, following more than five thousand reports of depression, hostility and other behavioral changes possibly associated with use of these drugs.

“There have been recent concerns that varenicline, a relatively new smoking cessation product, may increase the risk of suicidal behavior and suicide,” study co-author Dr. David Gunnell of the University of Bristol, UK, explained in an email to Reuters Health.

“We found no clear evidence of an increased risk of self-harm or depression associated with varenicline,” he said.

The findings stem from data on more than 80,660 would-be quitters in the UK who used different smoking cessation products between September 2006 and May 2008.

A total of 63,265 of these individuals used nicotine replacement products, 10,973 used Chantix, and 6,422 used Zyban, an antidepressant also called bupropion, which has been found to help smokers quit.

When researchers looked at medical records, they didn’t find any evidence of an increased risk of serious mental health problems (i.e., self-harm, suicidal thoughts or depression) while they were using these products and during the three months after the last prescription was filled.

Gunnell cautioned, however, that based on the size of the study, it’s still possible that Chantix does increase the risk of suicide – or even decrease it.

“Other studies should be undertaken to provide further evidence on this issue,” he concluded.

Pageant Candidates- Mr. Lapu-lapu City 2011

Pageant Candidates- Mr. Lapu-lapu City 2011

In the last decade under head honcho Harley Ruedas, Ginoong Filipinas Cebu used to lord it over the Queen City of the South and the likes of Jeram Lumbab who won Ginoong Filipinas 1994, Mark Katada who became Jeram’s successor and was Ginoong Filipinas 1995, and John Lawrence Aquino who was Ginoong Filipinas Tourism 1995 and Israel Geraldo who was Ginoong Filipinas Luzon 1996, gave Harley Ruedas an unprecedented golden years … and that gave him also a monicker- the pageant organizer with a golden touch. In the span of three years Harley was grinning wide and was very proud of their achievements.
When Harley slowed down, there was a lull in Cebu’s pageantopolis … and the general malaise was felt, and their absence in the national contest was sorely missed. Manila, Pangasinan, Pampanga and Nueva Ecija didn’t have any competetion anymore; although that assure them of an easy win, their victories were not as sweet as when there was “pukpokan” on and off the stage as witness in the previous years.
Then suddenly, Cebu bounce back … although they dont have to go to Manila, they manage to organize a local contest that has all the trimmings and prestige of winning a national title … and I am referring to Mr. Cebu. We have been following the pageant, and basing from the candidates it has attracted, the pageants production values, the media coverage, their official website that can make Mr. World Philippines, Manhunt Philippines and Mr. International Philippines blush with envy … Cebu is definitely in the winning spree.
And now … there’s Mr. Lapulapu City being launched, and again basing from the candidates “face value” the pageant is indeed a perfect foil to the fire and magic of Mr. Cebu. And to the organizers of Mr. Lapulapu … guys we are watching! Good Luck!
Photo Credits: Eyeronick
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