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Spanish Actor – Miguel Angel Silvestre

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Spanish Actor – Miguel Angel Silvestre

Miguel Ángel Silvestre, born April 6, 1982, in Castelló, Comunitat Valenciana, is a Spanish actor, best known for playing Nacho in the popular Spanish TV series “Motivos personales”.


Silvestre’s first TV role came in 2004 when he appeared in one episode of “Mis adorables vecinos” as Monitor, a role which opens the door for him to appear in the critically acclaimed TV series, “Motivos personales”.

Silvestre has appeared in several movies: “Dolly” (2007); “La Distancia”,”Vida y color” (2005) and “A golpes (2005)”, among others .


Silvestre currently completed a new movie ‘”3:19″ and started shooting three more movies “Serrallonga” , “CM-167″, and ” Zhao”, scheduled for release in 2008.

Australian Actor – Mark Furze

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Australian Actor – Mark Furze

Mark Furze, born May 7, 1986, is an Australian actor who is best known for his role as Eric “Ric” Dalby on the popular soap opera Home and Away.


Furze has starred in several productions by the Orange Theatre Company, including Oliver!, where he played the lead role at the age of ten.

His first TV role was in the children’s television program Outriders and also in a film called “Balmain Boys”. At the age of 15, Furze had found himself an agent and landed a role in Water Rats.

Furze got his big break in 2004 when he landed the role of Eric Daldy in the popular Australian series, “Home and Away.”


“My agent told me about the role on Home and Away, and I read the character and really liked him, and wanted to go for it. I had never played a baddie, so it was a new experience for me,” he says.

Furze’s main interests include acting (which he is studying for his HSC), music and sport. He is currently involved in two bands, one, which he started, is a heavy metal 80’s band in which he plays guitar, and the other a punk band. His musical tastes vary and he will listen to everything but mainly heavy metal like AC/DC. He admires actor Brad Pitt because of the different roles and for his film choices.


When he isn’t playing guitar or learning lines for Home and Away, Mark likes to skateboard and play soccer.

Venezuelan Actor – Miguel Augusto Rodriguez

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Venezuelan Actor – Miguel Augusto Rodriguez

Miguel Augusto Rodríguez, born in October 20, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor.


It had never occurred to Rodríguez to become an actor. He started as a model for a famous agency in Caracas and one day they sent him to a casting call in RCTV. Immediately, he was given a scholarship so he could study acting in the channel’s academy. He took classes with renowned acting professor, Carlos Ospino, and that’s when he discovered that acting was his true calling.

Rodríguez’s first opportunity on the small screen was with the character Petercito in “La mujer de Judas.” Then followed by a few more soap series, “Trapos íntimos” (2002) as Chato; “Amor a Palos” (2005) as Beltran; and recently “Estrambótica Anastasia” (2007) as Leon Borosfky.


Rodríguez could be described in three words: Smart, strong, and fair. He says his best quality is he’s a very good observer and that his flaw is being impatient. He loves food, especially Sushi, but he also loves meat. When asked where would he prefer to spend his holiday: the beach, the mountains, or the jungle? He said, “The mountain. Imagine the chalet, the haze, the fireplace, the cold breeze and being next to the person you love!”